Atanas Ibba Mantchorov

Atanas is an Entrepreneur in Entertainment and Web3 technologies. Interested in Philosophy, Psychology and Social communication. Electrical Engineering with a Master’s degree in Film Production. IOWN and SDGs supporter.
A member of The Foreigners Correspondents’ Club of Japan and the ISA. Atanas is a Film Producer, Director and Editor. Prior to founding Atixi, he was a CTO for Rim Entertainment and a Frontend Developer for Global Dining, he worked for Fashion One TV as an original content producer in Tokyo. Assistant Director in “The Life of Hokusai”, stage and documentary production and as a Line Producer for Heather Mills (Sir Paul McCartney’s ex-wife) and Trilogik Production in Brighton (UK). He has a deep experience in emerging technologies building, launching and growing enterprise products in a variety of businesses. Product team leader for the creation of web services and managing a portfolio of software products.